First Off I wanted to personally thank you for yet another fabulous summer! I really cant believe its over! We hope you had a great time on your unit and wanted you to know we are here for your winter needs. From winterizations to oil changes, shrink wrap services as well as picking up your unit and delivering it back to you in the spring.

   We have implemented new departments for all service, office and billing functions so please bear with us as we try to make these changes to better accommodate all our customers.

   We have come to realize that emails may be a little time consuming for some but in the end an email serves a great purpose. It is a time stamp and a form of communication between both customer and us. We realize this may be inconvenient but we are utilizing this for training as well as documentation If you should need to see where your unit is in line for service or have a question regarding a service question please understand the service department is extremely busy. Feel free to email them at They respond to all inquiries at 9am and 4:30 pm every day. The billing department can also be reached at if you should have any questions for them they can also be reached via email and will typically respond at same times. The office staff will not have the answers you are looking for and they are very busy busy with sales leads and paperwork for those sales.

For those of you have EZ Docks that you need to store for winter we can help you with that as well. Please email Colleen at and she can give you the information.

Please read the below and once finished you can click the button that will take you to the 2022/2023 Winter Form. Here you can make your own service sheet. Please just fill in your information (All in green) And type the quantity (in green as well) next to the service you need. This will give you the total for this years work.

As you will see we have 3 payment terms....

Option #1 is if you are paying with a credit card. You will also need to fill out the credit card information at the bottom of the form.

Option #2 is 2 equal payments in check form ONLY.  1 is due October 15, 2022 and the other is due February 15, 2023. We are trying to help customers by splitting this up for them. If payment is not received by these days a 2.75% admin fee will be added on to the total invoice amount.

And finally Option #3 is with a personal or business check from the customer.

Checks can be made out to All Action Water Sports and sent to 65 Dockside Drive Somers Point NJ 08244.

Thank you for your patience with us as we better improve all departments within our company.

                                                                                                   Have a safe winter and hopefully see you in spring of 2020!

                                                                                                                 From All Of Us Here At All Action Water Sports



----All Action Water Sports Is Not Responsible For Any Items Left In Your Unit!

              Please Be Sure To Take Out Lanyards And Remotes.

               We Do Not Need Or Use Them. We Have Dealer Items We Use.

-----Please Provide Code For New 2019 FX Models And Address Location Where We Should

Pick Up Unit(s) Below. We cannot pick up these units without the code.

We will have to charge customer twice if we have to go back out.

-----Batteries…New White Batteries only have a 30 day warranty. We highly suggest letting us replace them

with Interstate sealed batteries in the spring.

If You would like this done please make sure to email this request to us.

-----Storage Dates are from September 15 To May 15        

-----Hours are Monday thru Saturday 9-5 and Sunday’s 9-3 for summer season.

             Winter Hours are Tuesday thru Saturday 9-5 Closed Sunday’s

and Monday’s Starting September 15th.

-----All Storage must be paid in full prior to service being performed NO EXCEPTIONS!!

             No refunds can be given.

Once receiving invoice please pay in 15 days to avoid finance charges. (2% monthly)

-----Trailer storage is STORAGE ONLY- We are not responsible for services

needed before, during, after storage. 

            Please check with us for pricing if you would like to have the trailer

serviced over storage months.

-----If you bring your unit by water please note there is a fee to take it out of water.

As well as fee to put back in in the spring.

-----If you bring your unit by trailer and it needs to be taken off trailer for any

reason please note there is a fee to do this.

            $25.00 for a PWC (each) And $2.50 A foot Off And $2.50 a foot on For a boat.

----Due to insurance regulations no independent contractors or self owners

will be allowed to perform work or enter All Action Water Sports

without first obtaining permission.

-----An additional emergency fee will be charged for any and all haul outs due to severe weather.




By clicking the box below, I understand and agree to all rates, regulations, rules and provisions. I authorize the payment via my credit card as above. All Action Water Sports and its employees may operate the vessel for purpose of testing, inspections or delivery at my risk. An express mechanics lien is acknowledged on the vessel to secure any number of repairs thereto. All balances are due on or before completion of work or 2.0 % per month rate will apply for any balances due. Any legal fees incurred to collect a debt will be charged to the customer. Any boats/skis not picked up within 10 days of completion of worked will be assessed a storage charge of $15.00 per day.

If customer calls for pickup of unit and does not show up on scheduled date a fee of $25.00 to move to back yard will be implemented. When said customer comes to pick up understand battery may not have a charge any longer. As well as ski may not be accessible at that time. Will require a 24 hour notice to bring boat/ski back around front.

All boats/skis must be removed from winter storage by May 15, 2019 or daily storage charges will apply ($15.00 per day waverunner & $25.00 a day for Boat) along with any incurred charges for yard moves (labor each move) to access other customer’s vessels. Any exceptions must be in writing from the management extending your storage stay. Any and all units left on property after June 15th will incur storage fees.


               Say It Isn't So!

Yes Winter Is Almost Here!