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Some maintenance steps, like visual inspections, are best done every day, while others, such as oil changes, are set up at certain intervals.

Getting started.


The most accurate and specific maintenance interval information for your particular WaveRunner will be found in your owner’s manual. We’ve also included a basic chart (at left) to help give you an overview of what needs doing, and when (indicated by yellow boxes). To determine when service is due, keep your eye on your hour meter. If you don’t have an hour meter, it’s easy and inexpensive to install one. Or, many Yamaha gauges already have this functionality built in, allowing you to set reminders at various intervals, and helping to keep you on schedule. 

You’ve heard the expression “choose wisely.” When it comes to choosing an engine oil and filter to protect your Yamaha, this couldn’t be more true. Using the correct oil and filter at the recommended intervals is the single most important thing you can do for your WaveRunner.

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