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Pre-launch Checklist

  1. Inspect dock and heaving lines

  2. Inspect trailer winch

  3. Care for rear wheels of your tow

  4. vehicle the same as trailer wheels

  5. (see #9)

  6. Ensure registration numbers are properly displayed, plus current registration and other necessary documentation is onboard

  7. Ensure trailer hitch and safety chains are secure, and inspect trailer wires and connections

  8. Check hull for damage, soft spots or blistering

  9. Grease bearings, ensure lug nuts are tight and not rusting, check tire tread and pressure

  10. Check gauges

  11. Check engine oil for level and color

  12. Check fuel system for leaks (visual and “sniff test”). Check fuel level for trip (1/3 out, 1/3 return, 1/3 spare)

  13. Ensure battery connections are clean and tight

  14. Ensure proper trailering support is used

  15. Inspect trailer bunks for damaged boards or torn carpet 

  16. Ensure trailer lights are sealed and working

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